Our tours are based on camping in either formal campsites or wild camping. Campsite standards vary but where ever possible we use the best available. In many locations berber tents, rooms and hotels are available at extra cost. A good tent  and a 3/4 season sleeping bag is recommended, nights can be cold especially at altitude. You  will need either an inflatable mattress or a camp bed, even in campsites the ground can be hard and stony.

Food & Drink

Moroccan cuisine offers a wide variety of delicious treats.  When the overnight stop is in a town there will be a range of eating options. Otherwise you will need to have your own catering facilities. During the tour you will have opportunities to stock up along the  way. In small villages only basic supplies will be available. In other locations European style supermarkets are present with a range of normal produce. 

Driving Skills

Most of our routes are suitable for drivers of all skill and experience levels.  Please contact us to discuss further if you  have any concerns.

Whilst not required for our tours you may find doing some driver training in the UK helps you to understand your vehicle and improve your confidence ahead of a trip.

Vehicle Preparation

Despite what some retailers and internet resources tell you, you vehicle does not need to be kitted out with £1000's  of expedition equipment. Reliability is much more important. A well maintained vehicle is more than adequate. Good quality All Terrain tyres are recommended for the off road routes.

What's Included

Our tour prices cover the cost of an experienced guide in a 4x4, with recovery equipment, and satellite tracking/SOS cover. All campsites costs included. You only need to pay for fuel, food and drink.

I Don't Have a Vehicle

We can arrange Fly Drive options, with a new Landcruiser available to meet you at the airport in arrival. Cost for a rental car for 10 days are equivalent  to driving your own vehicle from the UK, also means you can fit more into a shorter period of time without the drive through Europe. We can arrange for the hire of basic  camping equipment if required.

Tour Duration

Most of our tours are either 10 or 14 days in length. However flexible durations are possible. So if you wanted to do a longer trip that can be accommodated. Or if you only want a short  trip to experience the remote parts of Morocco we can arrange something to suit you. (Minimum length is 1 day)

Paperwork and Border Controls

You will need Passport, Vehicle Registration Document and  Insurance (both vehicle and travel insurance). If your insurer cannot issue a Green Card, insurance can be purchased at the port for 90euros for 1 month cover. Passport control entering Morocco is done on the ferry. On arrival proceed to customs, present  you passport and registration documents and you will be issued  a copy of the Temporary Vehicle Import  form. If you need insurance it can be purchased at the booth after customs.


A deposit of 20% is required on booking. Final balance is due 30 days before the tour start date. Payment can be by PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cheque.